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Dupree Gardens - Blossom Capital of Florida
Excerpted from the original brochure (1940)

DUPREE GÄRDENS nestles in a beautiful 900 acre estate, seventeen miles north of Tampa on 41. Although many thousands of trees and plants from all over the world have been planted in the gardens, none of the natural charm of subtropical1 Florida has been lost in the masterful landscaping.

In the twenty-five acres which comprise the main gardens there are fifteen thousand azaleas-many more than half a century old. Myriads of waxy camellias and snowy gardenias by the thousands, line the pathways. Great beds of spring flowers ablaze with color, embroider the ever-green lawns. Bose gardens bravely edge the lane by which you enter or hide away in secluded nooks. There are thousands of flowering trees and shrubs-magnolias, holly, dogwood and orchid trees.

At almost every turn in the trails, vistas of incomparable beauty greet you against a backdrop of moss-veiled cypress trees. Winding waterways flow into the island studded lake with its shore line deeply etched by lazy lagoons. From singing bird houses, the music of the Old Masters follows you softly throughout the gardens.

There are flame-vines which climb sixty feet on picturesque palms. As you cross the rustic bridges, quiet pools reflect the splendor of sub-tropical foliage or there comes the tinkling music of a waterfall. Electric boats take you through aerial gardens along the mystic river of flowers, and through a typical Florida cypress swamp. A small citrus grove is unique because of its many varieties. For the convenience of visitors there is a rustic dining lodge and an interesting gift shop.

Whether you are a resident of Florida or a vacationist, visit Dupree Gardens. Here you can spend a few hours or a day in a paradise of flowers that will live long in your memory.

Although years in the making. Dupree Gardens was opened to the public for the first time during the winter season of 1940-1941. The following comments are typical of the enthusiastic reception given Dupree Gardens by the thousands who visited it.

"I know of no spot in Florida that surpasses Dupree Gardens for sheer beauty'"
Spessard L. Holland, Governor of Florida.

"Dupree Gardens is a definite asset to the State of Florida."
Nathan Mayo, Commissioner of Agriculture of State of Florida

"Those who have visited Dupree Gardens went away ready to boost them to their friends and to put a visit high up on their ‘must’ list when visitors come to town to be shown around. The place is a horticultural paradise right here at home.
Tampa Daily News

"Dupree Gardens is a veritable scenic und horticultural gem, one of Florida's outstanding show places."
Miami Daily News

Dupree Gardens Brochures from the 1940's
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